Social Difficulties

What are some things you can do to overcome social difficulties?

The skills that we use to deal with other people are as important as learning how to eat or talk. These social skills, such as reacting to criticism, conversation, and even knowing how to deal with other people are incredibly crucial. Therefore, if you want to solve any social skill difficulties, especially if you are still young, you will need to try and work towards improving them. Improving your social repertoire is the key to getting ahead in life.

When developing our social skills it is very effective to act with others as we would like them to behave with us. So we will be fair and empathetic. Each person reacts differently to a criticism, a compliment or an order.

All these behaviors can define us as human beings and allow us to relate to others. You can follow these steps if you want to solve any social problems and difficulties that you may be having.

Understand your social fears

If you feel shyness or anxiety in a meeting or conversation (especially with people you do not know) it is important to identify what your degree of introversion is and what emotions you experience in those situations.

You may want to perform certain techniques to not feel that way, for example, the theater of improvisation or even show a more receptive posture. These kinds of postures are: do not cross your arms, look the other person in the eyes, etc. This will ensure that you are going to be more open in any social setting.

Always think before reacting

It is true that nobody likes to be evaluated, criticized or examined, especially if the results are not as expected. When someone tells us their opinion with the intention of helping us, we should receive that comment as a compliment and not as a negative.

So the next time they give you an answer you do not like, stop for a moment and analyze why they told you that.

Instead of getting angry, try reacting to the criticism that you have just received with neutrality or openness.

Be interested in others

Everyone loves to talk about themselves and those around them. To earn someone’s trust and improve your social skills there is nothing better than asking questions and listening to the other.

Show interest in what you are saying and in this way you will become your friend or, at least, a good partner. Interesting for the other makes you interesting.

Practice empathy

One of the bases of social skills is to understand what you feel and what motivates the person in front of you. Remember the phrase “treat others as you would like them to treat you,” but keep in mind what the other wants.

Being more empathetic offers many advantages, such as falling better to people, being persuasive, understanding what is happening around you, etc.

To improve your empathy we recommend paying attention to the words and gestures of the interlocutor: looks, silences, hand movements, and other kinds of gestures. If you pay attention to the motivation of the other people, then you can better understand how they feel too.