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The Programme

Is the programme right for me?

To find out whether the programme could help you, first call one of our client advisors call free at 0508 DORE NZ (367 369). The advisor will walk you through some confidential screening questions to review your medical history. We listen to the history of your specific problem. If we, and you, believe that you would benefit from the programme we'll book your first appointment at the Auckland Centre.

What happens at the first appointment?

At the first appointment, we assess a number of functions related to your ability to learn. The assessments use sophisticated equipment to test your vision and balance as they relate to a part of the brain known as the cerebellum. (Don't worry, the tests are completely non-invasive and painless.) Once a doctor has examined the results of your assessments and explained them to you, he writes a full report and prescribes a personal exercise programme which is individually tailored for your situation. This first visit usually takes 4 hours.

What does the assessment involve?

The first thing we do is determine how your cerebellum has developed. To do this, we measure the different inputs that the brain gets to help us balance - from the joints and muscles, from the inner ear and from the eyes - all of which are coordinated by the cerebellum.

  • Posturography
    This test evaluates input from the main senses used by the cerebellum to control balance and movement. It does this by isolating input from the somatosensory (the feelings transmitted through the feet, joints, and muscles), the vestibular (inner ear balance organ), and the visual systems. Special equipment designed for DORE Achievement Centres is used for this assessment.
  • Occularmotor
    Using sensors placed close to the eyes, the equipment measures the movement of the eyes as they track a moving light. The cerebellum is known to be involved in controlling the coordination of some eye movements, which can be directly related to reading and writing.
  • Dyslexia Screening Test
    This test looks at a range of skills known to be affected in individuals with learning difficulties, including: memory, reading, spelling and writing. The test provides an index which assesses an individual's risk for dyslexia and was developed for this purpose in the UK.
  • Ability Questionnaire
    This questionnaire provides information on a client's perception of the skills involved in their daily functioning. The questionnaire addresses areas such as reading, writing and spelling skills; general disposition and relationships; and, coordination and motor skills.

What does the exercise programme involve?

The exercises are straightforward, easy to learn, and are carried out at home. They usually take 5-10 minutes twice a day. A typical example of an exercise: standing on a cushion on one leg and throwing a beanbag from one hand to another for one minute. We supply you with all the tools necessary, as well as instruction and drawings to guide you.

How often do I need to visit the DORE centre?

To make sure that you are getting the full benefit of the programme as your cerebellum develops and your symptoms improve, we'll ask you to return to the DORE centre every 6-8 weeks for re-evaluation. These visits usually take an hour and a half. Then, depending upon your progress, we will give you a new exercise regimen to follow for the next 6- to 8-week period.

When is the programme complete?

When our tests show your cerebellum is working to its full capacity, you have completed the programme- usually after 12-15 months. Our research has shown that once the cerebellum is developed it stays that way, i.e. there is no regression. The exercise programme stops, but typically the changes - improvements in reading, writing, etc. -continue well into the following year.

How Much Does It Cost?

The payment schedule is:

Booking fee$195
Initial assessment$900
Progress visit$395 (each visit)
Final assessment$495

These are in NZ dollars and include GST. Payments are due at each appointment; therefore the total cost is spread over the duration of the total programme.

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