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The Inspiration

DORE Achievement Centres (NZ) Ltd is a privately funded New Zealand company headquartered in Auckland New Zealand. It helps children and adults affected by learning difficulties achieve their full potential through customised, exercise-based treatment techniques. The company is the New Zealand extension of DORE Achievement Centres based in the United Kingdom, where well over 10,000 children and adults affected by dyslexia, motor skill problems and attention deficit disorder have been helped.

Wynford DORE founded DORE Achievement Centres (then called DDAT) in the United Kingdom after his daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia. Over a period of years, and after extensive research, DORE's team of medical professionals developed the exercise-based treatment to address the difficulties associated with an under-functioning cerebellum. Research conducted by a number of sources, including Exeter University and Sheffield University, showed remarkable progress in reading, comprehension and writing among children who underwent the Dore programme. Many adults have been through the programme as well, showing equally encouraging improvement in a number of areas typically associated with learning difficulties.

DORE Achievement Centres' individualised exercise programmes are aimed at minimising or eliminating Cerebellar Developmental Delay (CDD), the likely cause of many learning disabilities. By using exercises that stimulate the cerebellum to build correct neural pathways so it can process information properly, the DORE treatment directly addresses the root cause of the problems. The exercises are done twice daily and require approximately 10 minutes at each time. No medications are involved.

In May 2004, DORE Achievement Centres opened its first New Zealand centre at Level 2, 300 Great South Road, Greenlane, Auckland. There are now 16 DORE Achievement Centres throughout the UK, USA, Australia and now New Zealand.

About Dore
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