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Qualities that a boot camp trainer must possess after his PT Certifications

Boot camps are very much in demand due to the various advantages they offer over regular indoor gyms. There may be a number of boot camps in your locality. A boot camp can be effective if you have a good trainer who has completed his formal PT Certifications. There are certain qualities that you must check for in a boot camp trainer.


A boot camp trainer must look fit and healthy. Since your trainer will be teaching participants to get a fit and active lifestyle, he/she must have a fit and toned body. This shows that he/she is passionate about fitness.


The boot camp trainer must have the necessary qualifications, credentials and training experience that are necessary to become a trainer. Have a look at his/her certificates to confirm this. To learn more about PT courses visit

Maintain discipline

The boot camp instructor must be commanding and should be able to maintain discipline amongst participants.

Keep the interest level up

The most important job of a boot camp instructor in Norway is to constantly think of new ideas for the group and keep the interest level of the group up. He/she has to constantly be on his/her toes and think of various activities which will keep workouts lively and fun.


A boot camp instructor must be professional at all times while dealing with the participants. If your trainer gets involved in gossips or personal talks, it is the mark of an extremely unprofessional person.

Excellent communication skills

Since your boot camp in Norway will consist of various people from different backgrounds, it is important for the trainer to have excellent communication skills. He/she should be able to understand what the group wants and must be able to convey to the group how the exercises have to be performed.


A boot camp will require you to perform various rigorous physical activities. At such times, it is important to have a support system and cheerleader who will help you challenge your limits. Your boot camp trainer must provide you with constant feedback and motivation to challenge your body and overcome barriers.

Resolve conflicts

Participants in a boot camp are made to do various activities and physical games wherein they are pitted against each other. Many times, conflicts arise amongst participants and there are arguments. It is the role of your boot camp trainer top resolve conflicts in a fair manner and not lose his/her cool while dealing with participants.

Share knowledge

When you join a boot camp, your ultimate aim is to get fit. However, you also look forward to getting additional knowledge about health and fitness. Apart from showing you how the boot camp activities in Norway are to be done, the trainer should also be able to convey the importance of doing various activities and how they can be beneficial to you. The trainer should be knowledgeable and must be open to sharing knowledge with students.

The effectiveness of a boot camp depends on the trainer. It is important to have a trainer who knows his/her job and has a track record of successful execution of boot camps.

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